Shanghai Mingeen Investment Management Co., Ltd (Mingeen Capital) is a leading financial institution headquartered in Shanghai China, which dedicated to provide professional financial services domestically and internationally for prominent small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Through our professional services, Mingeen deeply knows the needs of different customers, and offering professional and flexible matching solutions, which help prominent enterprises to enter international capital markets or assist customers to obtain maximum profits to achieve enterprises values. We have service capabilities throughout enterprises all stages from business incubation to listing. For growth companies, we can help them to customize a suitable development plan and capitalization platform to reach financing and development. To provide reliable pathways for SMEs to enter international capital markets and a set of better solutions for mature enterprises. 

We have a dedicated core team with proven track records, accumulate rich practical experience and favorable industry reputation, and successfully augment many enterprises’ value. 

Meaning of Name



Business Principle


Equity Investment

Invest and Incubate Prominent Companies to be Listed and All-Win

Equity Investment

Field of Investment: 

  • Teach-driven Emerging Industries: Clean technology and environmental protection, Biotechnology, IT, High-tech manufacturing 

  • Mass Consumption Fields: Consumer goods, Health care, Internet, Education 

Philosophy of Investment: 

  • Mainly invest growing companies and diversify investment portfolio to control risks and benefits 

  • Strengthen cooperation with foreign venture capital to enhance the capability of resources complementation and value-added services

  • Build channel networks to improve projects-searching and co-investment capabilities

  • Specialization to boost projects identification, management and service capabilities

  • All day ready for fast growing and potential companies 

  • Not only focus on manufacturing and high-tech industries, but also on service, logistics industries who are with innovation characteristics

  • Strengthen service capability for post-investment to optimize resources integration and capital operation

  • Build industrial chain and value chain for investment to lower service cost and further improve service efficiency

Investment Standards:

Following standards shall be met: 

    1.Stage of Growing: It has a stable profitability or stable customer base or stable sales channels and revenue sources 

    2. Trend of Growing: It has high growth potential, and the revenue or profit or customer size is growing rapidly

    3. Composition of Assets: It shall be better when has fixed asset or scare core resources

    4. Stable and clear business model

    5. Excellent entrepreneurial team

Withdrawal from Investment: 

  • Listing orientation and select appropriate listing market for invested companies in the world

  • Actively withdraw in the form of merger and acquisition

  • Sale of enterprise

  • Equity transfer

  • Share redemption

Listing Advisory

Securitization of Assets

Listing Advisory

What is Asset Backed Securities? 

  • It converts the fundamental assets into securitized products on the basis of specific asset portfolio or cash-flow, and is the way of financing through issuing tradable securities. 

Benefits of Asset Backed Securities: 

  • To obtain the status of being listed and construct direct financing platform

  • To convert the intangible valuation into tangible market value and obtain long-term capital enhancement

  • Accelerating cash flow-back from asset-heavy (property, land and raw materials etc.) or intangible assets (trademark, patent and core business etc.) 

  • Quickly transform future income (dividends, rents, creditor’s rights etc.) into cash 

  • Allow market value of issuing assets to be manageable 

Who need it? 

  • SMEs who need financing and development 

  • Companies who need to quickly turn asset-heavy or intangible assets into cash 

  • Companies who need to enhance mobility of shareholders

International Listing Services

  • Offer complete consulting solutions to solve core issues during the process of asset securitized product design, issuing, trading and others 

  • Provide product design in line with international practice and construct financial model and offshore structure to satisfy enterprises and investors demands 

  • Securities issuing advisory

  • Securities trading advisory

  • Issuing advisory also includes shares, bond, fund, share option and other derivatives 

Refinancing Services

Allotment, Seasoned Offering, Convertible Notes

Refinancing Services

Refinancing Methods for Listed Companies

  • Non-public Offering (Private Placement)

  • Public Offering

  • Allotment of shares to all shareholders

  • Issuing preferred shares

  • Issuing convertible bonds

  • Issuing corporate bonds

Workflow Chart


Wealth Management

Customized Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management

Tools of Wealth Management 

  • Savings Management 

  • Securities Management 

  • Precious Metal Management 

  • Credit and Loan Management 

  • Real Estate Management 

  • Insurance Planning Management 

  • Other Portfolio Management 

Purpose of Wealth Management 

Through different kinds of wealth management tool, it can manage the assets, liabilities and liquidity in accordance with different customer demands to meet different financial needs and help clients to lower risks and make wealth preservation, appreciation, inheritance and other purposes. 

Top-level Structure Solutions

Offering High-end Consulting Services of Top-level Design, Incentive Mechanism & Financial Control

Top-level Structure Solutions

What is Top-level Structure Design? 

It refers to the system design of company for vision, development strategy and plan, which means through the system plan to ensure the smooth development of business activities. 

Customized Three-major System Consulting Solutions

1. Top-level Design

  • Top-level Equity Design

  • Strategic Planning and Design 

  • Corporate Culture Design

  • Business Model Design

  • Capital Planning Design

2. Incentive Mechanism Design

  • Design of Compensation System

  • Performance Evaluation Design 

  • Stock Option Incentive Design 

  • Equity Financing Design

  • Upstream and Downstream Equity Design 

3. Financial Control System Design 

  • Financial Policy Design 

  • Tax Planning Design

  • Core Process Design

  • Internal Risk Control Design

  • Capital Operation Management 

Other Advisory Services

Finance and Tax Consulting Services

Other Advisory Services

Finance and Tax Consulting Services

  • Internal Control and Audit, Taxation Risks Check

  • Fundamental Accounting Service

  • Tax Consultation

  • Financial Report Review

  • Statements Analysis

  • Tax-involved Risk Check

  • Whole-stage Consulting

  • Policy Interpretation

  • Financial Compliance Suggestions

  • Practical Compliance Diagnosis 

  • Internal Control System Design

  • SOP Formulation 

  • Corporate Risk Evaluation 

Preferential Taxation Planning 

  • Corporate Tax Optimization

  • Senior Executives Tax Optimization

  • Compensation Tax Planning

  • Sharing Platform (KOL, E-commerce etc.) Tax Planning 

  • PE Tax Planning

  • Asset Management and Other Industries Tax Planning

  • Financial Advisory Implementation 

Cross-Border Tax Planning 

  • Non-trade Foreign Exchange Payment 

  • Common Reporting Standard Tax Solutions

  • Home and Abroad Income Tax Analysis

  • Tax Audit for High-Net-Worth Individuals 

  • Financial Advisory Implementation